Metabolic Weight Loss – How to Trick Your Metabolism and Lose Weight Faster

metabolic weight lossMetabolic weight loss is a system of losing weight that focuses on the body’s metabolism or how fast it burns calories and turns them into energy. The objective of such a weight loss system is to increase the metabolic rate so the body burns fat faster and you will lose weight. This sounds fairly simple, but the metabolism of a person can be very tricky and is a very complex biochemical process in the body. The metabolic rate differs for every person, and this is affected by several other factors such as body size, gender, age, your level of physical activity, and food processing, among others. It is also not easy to change.

For a metabolic weight loss system to be successful, the trick is not just to speed up the metabolism but to observe the pattern of relationship between the metabolism and the amount of food you eat. This system operates on the fact that if you eat more calories than your metabolism can burn, you will gain weight. But if you consume calories that are just enough to sustain your body’s need for energy for the day, the opposite will occur.

The metabolic system of weight loss is often used by doctors and nutritionists as long term weight management systems.

How to Lose Weight Using Metabolic Techniques

  • Eat at the right time
  • Have a low-calorie metabolism-booster diet
  • Do aerobic exercises or weight training

1. Eat at the right time

It is not easy to speed up your metabolic rate and you will also have to way of measuring and proving whether any changes have been made. However, some tips have been known to help boost metabolism. For example, eating breakfast is a metabolism booster. It jumpstarts your body’s metabolism process since it’s the first meal of the day. Your metabolism quickly burns your breakfast to give you energy for the day.

So if you’ve been skipping breakfast to try to lose weight, stop that technique now as it may be doing more harm than good. Keep in mind to eat more earlier in the day. Also, make sure that you do not let yourself starve. If you’re hungry, your body will switch to hungry mode, which means it will slow down the burning process so it can conserve your calorie supply.

2. Have a low-calorie metabolism-booster diet

The key to a metabolic weight loss system is the right type of diet, which would be a diet consisting of low-calorie foods and foods that are known to help boost metabolism. Low calorie foods include foods that are low in fat content and free from sugar; check the labels so you can identify which foods are right for you. Instead of eating a full stock of pancakes, fried eggs, bacon, and sausages for breakfast, why not settle for a low fat sugar free yogurt, fresh fruit, oatmeal or bran cereal, and a fruit smoothie? And if you are craving for eggs, always go for the low-calorie egg whites. For snacks, there are plenty of low-calorie protein bars around.

Then there are certain foods that are known to boost the metabolism, and these include soup, grapefruit, apples, pears, almonds, chili, broccoli, spinach, beans, jalapenos, soy milk, curry, cinnamon, hot peppers, fruits and vegetables that are rich in water, foods that are stacked with fiber, and lean meat, especially lean turkey. The best metabolic enhancing beverages are green tea and water.

3. Do aerobic exercises or weight training

A weight loss system focused on the metabolism cannot guarantee effects based on dietary changes alone. As mentioned, the metabolism can be tricky. So the key to success is to help the metabolism burn fat. Depending on your purpose for seeking metabolic weight loss, you can choose between aerobic exercises or weight training to do this.

Aerobic exercises are great calorie burners and they are the most flexible and the easiest to fit into the schedule. If you simply want to lose excess fat fast, aerobic exercises are ideal for you. You also have plenty to choose from. You can go walking, biking, or swimming. Activity should be continuously done for at least 30 minutes; this is important because any exercises done over a shorter period won’t burn a significant amount of calorie. If you can even allot time for more workouts, you can also do so as long as you break activity down into 10-minute intervals.

But if you want to lose fat and be healthy for the rest of your life, without excess fat threatening to overtake you again, you’ll do better with weight training. This is because muscles burn more calories, and weight training builds more muscles. This means that even when you’re sleeping, your muscles will continue burning calories for you. Weight training also helps keep the body healthy and your muscle supply regular even as you age. Remember that the more muscle mass you have, the less fat tissue there will be, so the more you lose weight.

Metabolic Weight Loss: Is It Enough?

Metabolic weight loss techniques are some of the most effective, most truthful, and most scientifically backed weight loss methods that help you lose weight the natural way. It is the key to losing weight but also keeping the body healthy. This deals with the metabolism, and does not suppress hunger or reduce appetite. It is said to have the least negative effects. But whether it will be enough for a full weight loss is not certain and may depend on factors pertaining to the person involved.

There are also some cases where the person’s metabolism is extremely sluggish. In such extreme cases, metabolic techniques in bringing about a reduction in weight may not be enough. In some cases, thermogenic weight loss supplements were used along with natural metabolic techniques. Thermogenic weight loss supplements are supplements that can bring about similar effects as metabolism boosting foods: they can increase metabolic rate and lead to weight loss. However, some experts believe that even the use of metabolic techniques and thermogenic supplements, physical exercise is still a key ingredient in effective weight loss.

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