L Carnitine Weight Loss Program – Carinitine to Lose Weight

l carnitine weight lossL carnitine weight loss is one of the many options people are considering when it comes to losing weight. This is a natural form of health loss since it centers around the L carnitine nutrient, which aids in fat oxidation or the body’s conversion of fat into energy. It is naturally produced in the liver and the kidneys, and is used to transfer fat to the cells where the oxidation occurs. The body is able to produce sufficient amount of L carnitine to meet all its needs, but if your body does not produce enough L carnitine, this can cause weight gain because the fat cannot be carried to the cells for burning.

L carnitine’s important role within the body is the reason why it is deemed useful in the treatment of several health conditions, and now also in weight loss. It is now being marketed as a supplement for weight loss based on scientifically backed fact that it can reduce fat mass and increase muscle mass. It is commonly known that the more muscle mass there is in the body, the less excess and unwanted fat there would be.

Although no scientific studies have been released that proves beyond a doubt the relationship between L carnitine and weight loss, doctors believe that L carnitine can help boost weight loss rate when it is used with a balanced diet consisting of protein, fiber, and the right amount of fat. On its own, L carnitine cannot really induce weight loss. Its addition in existing weight loss efforts, however, showed an 11% increase in the weight that was lost, which was proven in a study involving 18 overweight subjects.

If you want to lose weight, the extent to which you can harness the promises of L carnitine will depend on how much weight you want to lose. But a three-fold L carnitine weight loss program should be used.

How to Enhance Weight Loss with L Carnitine

  • The L carnitine diet
  • What to avoid
  • Taking L carnitine supplements


1. The L Carnitine Diet

One of the top techniques in using an L carnitine weight loss program is by eating foods rich in L carnitine. L carnitine is mainly found in foods from animal sources, particular red meat. Lean meats, such as chicken and turkey, also contain a certain level of the nutrient. Small amounts of the nutrients can also be harvested from dairy and milk, as well as avocados and tempeh, the only known fruits that also have a little L carnitine content. Vegetables and grain products do not have any L carnitine at all.

Your diet can also be adjusted to include foods that not only contain L carnitine but also improve the body’s facilities for producing more of the nutrient. If you want an L carnitine diet, you need to pile up on products that are rich in Omega 3 fats. These include fish oils and flaxseed, which are in abundance in certain seafoods and nuts. Of these two, flaxseed oil is said to be more helpful because it also helps prevent coronary heart disease. You also need to eat a lot of protein sources.

2. What to Avoid

If you can encourage an increase in the supply of L carnitine in the body, you can also inhibit its production. Some factors may play a role in this. One of the problems in diabetes, which causes a person’s insulin levels to rise, is that insulin can hamper optimal manufacture of L carnitine. This may be part of the reason why diabetic patients are prone to obesity and being overweight.

It can thus be inferred that, to keep insulin levels low and L-carnitine production encouraged, you need a diet that’s low in sugar and starch. This can be translated to a low-carbohydrate diet. In fact, doctors who recommend L carnitine as an aid in weight loss recommend that the daily calorie consumption of a person hoping to lose weight should consist only of 50% carbohydrates.

3. Taking L Carnitine Supplements

To complete the three-way L carnitine weight loss strategy, you can also take L carnitine supplements. These are orally administered nutrients that can give your body the L carnitine that it needs if it can’t produce enough.

If you want to take L carnitine supplements for weight loss, the helpful dose would be 1000 mg per day and may be increased by 500 mg per day if effects are not felt. In obese patients, this should be increased to 2000 mg per day. If your body suffers from some kind of resistance to proper metabolism, you need to take anywhere between 3000 and 5000 mg per day to counter this problem. The capsules should be taken before breakfast and/or lunch. According to research, you will know when your L carnitine weight loss efforts are working when you start feeling more energetic. This indicates that more fat is being turned into energy. This will be your main sign.

Unlike other weight loss pills that lead to various side effects, weaken the body’s overall structure, and may cause toxic effects when taken in prolonged periods, L carnitine is considered relatively safe as a weight loss supplement.

L Carnitine: What More Is Needed for Weight Loss?

Of course, an L carnitine weight loss program alone cannot trigger weight reduction on its own. Don’t bank all your hopes on L carnitine since this nutrient simply helps activate proper metabolism in the body but won’t do everything necessary to help you lose weight. You also need to watch what you eat, although starving is never an option that will yield positive results. And finally, to make your diet plan more effective, you also need to throw physical exercise into the fray.

Also, keep in mind that people’s bodies react differently. Despite studies showing a connection between increased L carnitine levels and increased weight loss rate, some people’s bodies do not easily submit to the same results. For optimized results, you can work with a nutritionist or health expert in how to properly trigger weight loss using an L carnitine program paired with exercise.

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