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cinnamon and weight lossCinnamon and weight loss may seem like an unlikely pair, but more and more people are becoming aware of how cinnamon has been linked to weight reduction. Cinnamon is now considered to be one of the herbs that play a role in weight loss. Sometimes, it is used in conjunction with honey, but on its own, cinnamon has shown promising effects for those who wish to trim down their bodies.

Exploring the Cinnamon and Weight Loss Connection

  • How Cinnamon Weight Loss Works
  • Cinnamon and Honey: More Effective Weight Loss Combination?
  • How to Factor Cinnamon Into Your Diet

1. How Cinnamon Weight Loss Works

Cinnamon and weight loss are linked because of cinnamon’s thermogenic effects. As an herb, cinnamon is known to create a thermogenic burn. A thermogenic process in the body is when the body is being “warmed” from inside. This helps to boost the body’s metabolism. Cinnamon’s thermogenic process is also known to work in a special manner: it reduces the body’s cholesterol levels. But the real secret is how cinnamon is able to distinguish between bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, and how it leaves the good cholesterol intact in the body. This bad cholesterol is called LDL cholesterol. Due to this, cinnamon helps in reducing weight but also keeping you healthy – something that artificial weight loss pills and crash diets are not capable to doing.

The connection between cinnamon and weight loss can also be looked at from another angle. Cinnamon is said to be an effective aid in lowering blood sugar and therefore increasing insulin levels. Since insulin can help shrink fat cells, more insulin supply in the body means less fat cells stored. This is also the reason why cinnamon is also known to help patients who are waging war against obesity and diabetes.

There are some limits to the connection between cinnamon and weight loss, though. Cinnamon’s wondrous weight loss benefits seem to work better with stomach or abdominal fat but does not work as well in other parts of the body. This shows that cinnamon can be favorable in efforts to trim down belly fat and that it needs reinforcement in case you want to trim down other body parts.

2. Cinnamon and Honey: More Effective Weight Loss Combination?

Seveal scientific materials showed that when honey and cinnamon are combined, it can prevent the body from fat accumulation. This is because of cinnamon’s positive effects on how the body processes sugar – a process that breaks it down and prevents it from becoming fat – combined with honey’s antioxidant properties.

Aside from the promises of the cinnamon and honey team in the weight loss area, this collaboration is also said to help relieve pain caused by arthritis and that arthritis patients were able to walk painlessly after only a week of continuous treatment. Treatment pertains to taking ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and 1 tablespoon of honey before breakfast every day.

The honey and cinnamon combination is also said to produce other positive results in the body such as help in solving heart disease, hair loss, digestion, and bladder problems.

3. How to Factor Cinnamon Into Your Diet

Cinnamon is sourced from the bark of cinnamon trees, which are now most abundantly found in Sri Lanka. The best cinnamon, known as Ceylon cinnamon, is said to be very fine, easily crumbles, and taken from the inner bark of the trees. Now, cinnamon comes in both a stick form and a powdered form. The powdered form is usually sprinkled on top of pastries and added to drinks and other food preparations. According to studies, even just ½ teaspoon of cinnamon in a day can already cause a significant decline in LDL cholesterol levels.

Aside from cinnamon sourced from food items, you can also take cinnamon supplements. Cinnamon tea is also available and can be used to replace other beverages; this way, you get to enjoy a soothing and delicious cup of cinnamon tea and at the same time harness weight loss benefits. There are cinnamon teas being sold; some are also combined with honey.

For homemade cinnamon tea, you can add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon or simply place 2 sticks of cinnamon in a cup of hot water. After you let it sit for around 30 minutes, you’ll have your homemade cinnamon tea. If you want the cinnamon-honey combination, you can take ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 8 oz. cup of water. It is known that this mixture more effectively works if you take one half of the mixture before going to bed, then refrigerate the other half, and the next morning drink it cold or at room temperature.

Other Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is more commonly known as that sweet and sumptous-smelling additive on top of pastries. But what a lot of people do not know is that cinnamon is an overflowing treasure box of health benefits. Aside from its effects on weight loss and obesity control, cinnamon has also been known to help relieve yeast infections that even certain medications were unable to resolve. This may also be related to cinnamon’s soothing effects on the stomach and on stomach ulcers. Aside from that, a study conducted in Maryland also showed that cinnamon can help stop leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells from proliferating.

And the benefits don’t stop there. Cinnamon also helps prevent blood clots, and even its smell alone is able to enhance memory and cognitive function. It is also rich in fiber, calcium, iron, and manganese. Cinnamon also doubles as a food and drink preservative. It can prevent the growth of bacteria and prolong food spoilage, and when added to unpasteurized juices, it can actually fight E. coli bacteria.

Of course, a cinnamon weight loss program won’t be enough to trim you down to your desired weight, but when used with a good diet and exercise plan, it can help speed up the effects. But so far, cinnamon and weight loss is one of the most promising natural and herbal weight loss remedies.